Private Music Lessons in Austin Texas
Debra Peters
Piano / Piano Accordion / Diatonic Accordion / Voice-Coach

Treat yourself. Take music lessons.
No previous musical experience required.

Do you already play?

Have something you are working on?

Even one or two sessions with an experienced

coach could make a difference in your playing!

Debra’s music lessons include classical music & folk music.

Theory and Ear Training. Composition and Arranging.

Ms. Debra has numerous years experience

as a bandleader and touring musician.

Debra Peters created, produced & sells (3) of her very own hour long accordion lesson DVD’s.

The accumulation of years learning a variety of well developed teaching methods.

The DVD’s are available here on this website.

See DVD’s page! 


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  Debra’s Music


in Texas:

   (1992 to

present day)



Regular 1/2 hour weekly piano lesson

recommended for

elementary school grade


All others ONE HOUR lesson


1 + 1/2 hour


TWO hour sessions


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                                                     EMAIL DEBRA for RATES & SCHEDULE



Here’s a list of favorite music books:

Recommended to my students

for further study:

(in no particular order)


Accordion Books

by Bill Palmer & Bill Hughes

Alfred Publishing


by Louis Giampetruzzi

Oak Publishing




Primer thru 4

by James Bastien


by James Bastien


by James Bastien


The Virtuoso Pianist

Sixty Exercises

For the Piano

(Schirmer’s Library)


Piano Course


Grade One



Piano Course


(Alfred Publishing)


John Mehegan

(Amsco Publishing)


Piano Vocal Guitar

(Hal Leonard Publishing)


Jerry Coker

Jimmy Casale

Gary Campbell

Jerry Green

(Studio PR Publishing)



John Nieto

Bob Phillips

Alfred Publishing

My own personal philosophy on learning music, at any age:

    If you knew how many older people I have taught that came to me with their story... yeah, I took piano lessons for a couple years when I was young... don't remember any of it... wish I didn't quit when I was young... and don't even remember why they quit? The worst of it, they become insecure about playing at all, until they come to me and I help them 'find themselves' on the piano. I work very hard with my students, any age, to use piano for confidence building.

    The desire to play piano is a strong desire that never leaves people.

    Learning how to read and play music!  A very special skill that will wane, if not honed. This is the nature of learning.  Most people are smart enough to learn music. I see musical potential in most everyone.

    Fully knowing music and piano does take several years to solidify all the components. It is not a wise option  for kids to quit piano lessons during their education development years. Postponing may be ok for a short time but please don't let years go by. You would be wasting all the money you paid for the first

years of lessons. 

    If you don't continue a child’s piano lessons thru their important learning years, the child will most likely forget the details internally, and may shy away from piano altogether.  Children do not establish in one or two years of lessons, how to be discriminate of what they should choose to read and play. They most certainly need guidance and direction from a sensitive/knowledgable teacher

to keep their technique and growth moving in a forward direction.

    Please trust when I tell you... after teaching for several decades now...that good solid music lessons are the best way to build confidence, not only in music,

but in life. At any age.

                        Give yourself and your child the GIFT of MUSIC!






the one and only!


The accordion I took 9 years of lessons on as a kid!

Still have it too! My daddy bought it in a pawn shop.

Ron was my duet partner for

Kiwanis Music Festival competitions. 

Our teacher RONNIE MORRIS entered us.

We both competed solo as well as duet.

I was also part of an accordion quartet.,

and an accordion orchestra. 

We performed on “Night of the Stars”

@ The Jubilee Auditorium

in Edmonton, AB in 1966.

Mr. MORRIS was our wonderful band director.

We were a 50 piece accordion band!!

It must be in the Guiness world book of records?

My first part time job... summer before grade 12

was teaching little kids how to play the accordion.

The music school was called Harmony Kids.

In 1992, my life came full circle back to teaching.


Debra’s  Music Students in Texas:

1992 to present day  (in no particular order)

1.Brandon Wavering

2.Nathan Wavering  5

3.Somone Seymore

4.Jan Ohman

5.Jim Olinger

6.Tyler McAlpin

7.John McAlpin

8.Earl Greer

9.Joyce Greer

10.Teague Hartigan

11.Zia Hartigan

12.John Hartigan

13.Beverly Garcia

14.Bill O’Dowd

15.David Marwitz

16.Alex Ebel

17.April Kling

18.Paul Groepler

19.Lewis Hughes

20.Alex Swearingen

21.Jennifer Champa

22.Gene Brown

23.Lynda DeJong

24.Annalise Woolley

25.Samantha Woolley

26.Marlie Frasier

27.Izzy Vergara

28.Ariana Stewart

29.Emerson Staley

30.Ellie Marin

31.Maddie Corum

32.Brice Rafferty

33.Bailey Horne

34.Polina Koronevich

35.Georgia Ohman

36.Levi Brown Liles 6

37.Mandalyn Castleberry 6

38.Jennifer Frederick

39.Carol Garrison

40.Bethanie McCarty 8

41.Heather Long

42.Shannon Long

43.Elizabeth Long

44.Kenneth Kaiven

45.Arnulfo Manriquez

46.Kaitlyn McKinney

47.Sebastian Evans

48.Alexis Long

49.Savannah Long

50.Bailey Gold Walker

51.Mia Hirose

52.Chris Cann

53.Valentin DeLeon

54.Dion McAlpin

55.Jaime Munoz


57.Ellie Lindsey

58.Emma Lindsey

59.Tamir Kalifa

60.Mary Etter

61.Clarissa Waldren Bird

62.Lyndie Rohloff

63.Denise Rohloff

64.Debbie Flanders

65.Angelia Tietz

66.Nicolas Aitches-Gavrizi

67.Diana Abanto

68.Caleb Slack

69.Nathan Gifford

70.Maline McCalla

71.Stacy Haynes

72.Ray Lott

73.Rosamond Pope

74.Patti Skelton

75.Leti Pinero

76.Marcus McClary

77.Molly Kemp

78.Shellie Rowe

79.Brooke Sons

80.Dillon Sons

81.Amy McKenna

82.Laura Gregory

83.David Najar

84.Frances Barton

85.Hollis Wayne

86.Colleen Tulloh

87.Allan Freidin

88.Georgia Bramhall

89.Alicia Ledezma

90.Ella Jane Lessner

91.Claudia Fleming

92.Amy Hemphill

93.Kelly Berg

94.Brian Combs

95.Lynn Tozser

96.Deanne Smith

97.Franci Jarrard

98.Jeremiah Ramirez

99.Samuel Ramirez

100.Campbell Pontin  7

101.Anne Pontin

102.Ian Stilwell  14

103.Erin Kelly

104.Thomas Ward

105.Mary Garcia

106.Dawn Orsak

107.Isabel Garcia

108.John Carlo Garcia

109.Carol Scallan

110.Tony Cristofich

111.Piper Neulander

112.Sky Muren

113.Cheryl Fillekes

114.Suzanne Smith

115.Leticia Patterson

116.Gabrielle Tuschak

117.Billy Laatsch

118.Talia Willcott

119.Chris Lowe

120.Rebecca Fitz

121.Kassidy Woytek

122.Richard Rouse

123.Vikie Samuelson

124.Alice Lloyd

125.David Zellner

126.Gerald Collier

127.Phil Schmidt

128.Shannon Lavine

129.Cindy Morse

130.Janice Williams

131.Lori Jean Arnold

132.Sally Locklear

133.Franchesca Marquis

134.Tina Vaughan

135.Matt Trevena

136.John Ward

137.Carissa Rohanasumaphong

138.Katy Groves

139.Carmen Moreas

140.Benita Gingerella

141.Marti Thornton

142.Eileen Rosen

143.Rachel Rosen

144.Caroline Riley

145.Neil Singer

146.Charles Wagner

147.Suzanne Hershey

148.Hannah Reveile

149.Kim Bond

150.Valerie Valdez

151.Marlon Sexton

152.Steve Akers

153.Xanthe Hammer

154.Heather Smith

155.Jessica Smith

156.Michael Romanies

157.Andrea Henderson

158.Robert Navarro

159.Suzanne White

160.Judy Greffe

161.Jason Valek

162.Rob Patterson

163.Walt Patterson

164.Will Patterson

165.Robert Ascott

166.Richard Campbell

167.David King

168.Toby Heidel

169.Sheldon Landsberger

170.Judy Crowley

171.Kim Soechting

172.Ellary Gray

173.Leila Kochis

174.Lauren Kochis

175.Bernadette Baird Zars

176.Alex Bajoris

177.Abigail Ballerino

178.Ross Bell

179.Monica Bushong

180.Rowena Caldwell

181.Louis Cannatti

182.Chuck Carsner

183.Carrie Caylor

184.Teddie Cline

185.Katherine Clossman

186.Wolfgang (Bill) Coates

187.Tony Constante

188.Cheyan Davis

189.Abel Fontenet (Pete)

190.Sam Gentry

191.Riley Goyco

192.Caitlin Haskett

193.Bill Hyde

194.Greg Jackson

195.Michelle Jordan


197.Arnie Kuhl

198.Joey Kuhl

199.Zack Lantz

200.Dinise Largent

201.Pete Lemey

202.Kurt Lemke

203.Travis Long

204.Aaron Lugo

205.Nick Marshall


207.Lou McKaughan

208.Jason Mulla

209.Marty Murphy

210.William K. Murray


212.Gyto (Zeto) Ouk

213.Mike Pinkerton

214.Carol Pirie

215.Jamie Ratcliff

216.Jeff Rosenberg

217.Jenn Schier

218.Shea Selby

219.Sam Selby

220.Mark Smoken

221.Michelle Strazza

222.Dyron Taylor

223.Claribell Vega

224.Stephanie Verzi

225.Thomas Vinton

226.Lance Watson

227.William Watson

228.Joshua Winn  9

229.Carl Wilson

230.Jonas Wilson

231.Deborah Alexander

232.William Watson

233.Steve Wise

234.Rose Sloan

235.Mary Donley Slover

236.Donald Weiss

237.Jenny Boyd

238.Billy Leirman

239.Nancy Nobody

240.Dustin Hamby

241.Cliff & Ginger

242.Krista Kettner


244.Khoa Lam

245.Bie Lam


247.Re-Ester Norman

248.Jim Cooper

249.Chriss Nikka

250.Melissa Mercado 6

251.Elena Requejo 6

252.Siena Tothero 8

253.Lauren Tothero 8

254.Juan Pena

255.Leffler Ross Ramey 5

256.Crissie Pena

257.Travis Long

258.Royal Johnson

259.Adrien Johnson

260.Summer Johnson

261.Chris Johnson

262.Justin Johnson

263.Scott Rogers

264.Maria Reyna

265.Allan Cole

266.Wil Scallion

267.April & Delia

268.Denise Robinson

269.Maria Flores (Blind)

270.Mark Smolen

271.Faisal Ahmed

272.Alexandria McKeone

273.Tom McKeone

274.Ashley B

275.Baker Jones   8

276.Anthony  Carrington

277.Jack Anderson

278.Eduardo Coronado

279.John Hentosh

280.Lauren Chester  10

281.Annie Grimes  3

282.Chase & Reed  9

283.Zaki Koulougi

284.Mylan Davis Harris  10

285.Richard Leyba

286.Antonio Hernandez

287.Jeremin Worlds

288.Whitney Hall  6

289.Andrew Blank

290.Barak Bullock  5

291.Erin Anderson  8

292.Amy Hale

293.Randy Fergun

294.Nicole Lawhon

295.Terrence Williams

296.Eli Ruis

297.Ernestine Ruis

298.Aaron Lugo  6

299.Jim Withers

300.Arthur Anderson

301.Mike Carr

302.Sandra Johnson

303.Shea Selby  8

304.Sam Selby

305.MARS Rock U Band Class

306.Casey Stanley  4

307.Juan Alvarado

308.Teddie Cline

309.Megan Grimm  12

310.Josefina Mancillo  5

311.Lori Van Ness

312.Sid Johnson

313.Zack Lantz  10

314.Lance Watson  10

315.Andrea Batista

316.Michael Stewart

317.Celestina Chapa

318.Woodrow Washington

319.Patrick Mears

320.Makand Esuebio

321.Sudarshan Mehta

322.Alex Hagar

323.Earl Hagar

324.Keila Vega

325.Isabella Espinoza

326.Zeke Jarmon 9

327.Zephyr Jarmon 9


329.Kirk Johnson

330.Varnell Norman

331.Ray Ortiz

332.Jeremy Stremler

333.David Nguyen 10

334.Kristen Hayes

335.Allen Bowie

336.Virginia Gray

337.Rajeev Kalaver

338.Loritha Erickson

339.Rose Grimm

340.Cheyen Davis  9

341.Jazmine Campbell  7

342.Darelle Anderson  4

343.Tyler Rudd

344.Jason McDonald

345.Annie Kuhl

346.Joey Kuhl

347.Al Gallardo



350.Mary Gaitan

351.Sylvester Myers

352.Thomas Collins

353.Cendriana & Robert

354.Colt Rogers

355.Allen Bowie

356.Stephanie Verzi

357.Valetta Molefsky

358.Hallie Baskin

359.Ariana Maderis  6

360.Signy Maderis   3

361.Cohra Mankey

362.Cassidy Keith  3

363.Jane Rundquist

364.Jenna Schier

365.Travis Barnet

366.Chris Smith

367.Willa Altman Kaough

368.Jon Garcia

369.Mark Gifford Brown

370.Jason Reese

371.Dianne Lindermann

372.Rose Garasy

373.Shirley Etheridge

374.Jonas Wilson

375.Adrian Corector

376.Bill Dodds  6

377.Louis Cannatti   6

378.Kenneth Amposah

379.Anand Ganesh

380.Raghav Boinepalli

381.Gregory Berry

382.Cedric Johnson

383.Robert Schier

384.Steve Selby

385.Cardell Clay

386.Adelina Alvarez

387.Andres Dodero

388.Caitlin Haskett   6

389.Monica Bushong  6

390.Gyto Ouk

391.Bernice Schnerr

392.Seth Lockwood

393.Beck Schwartz

394.Amanda Serna

395.Michelle Jordan

396.Dyron Taylor

397.Raj Kannan

398.Willie Mae Hatley

399.Scott Edmonson

400.Anand Krishnamurthy

401.Princeton Collins

402.Michael Talley

403.Jerrod Villareal

404.Jerr Stellmach

405.Eutiquio Torres

406.Marianne Bell

407.Breanna Matthews

408.Becca Dotson

409.Robert Ansley


411.Claribell Vega

412.Val Ramirez

413.Linda Esquivel

414.Sylvester Estrada

415.Gustavo Baray

416.Javier Carmona

417.Felisa Thibodeux

418.Josh Henderson

419.Jose Caso

420.Jill Blackwood

421.Louann Davidson

422.Nathan Quiring

423.Brett Moses

424.Tess Borjas

425.Marcella Mendez

426.Javier Morales Sr.

427.Javier Morales Jr.

428.Anna Marin

429.Jonathan Cole

430.Jennifer Jones

431.Laura Bailey

432.Jamey Hall

433.Kate Wactor

434.Milinda Mitchell

435.Luca Snowhorn

436.Alma Snowhorn

437.Lucy Barber

438.Bill Zadora

439.Konrad Zarnowski

440.Gisele Giraud

441.Siena Butlin

442.Sara Mae Short

443.Phyllis King

444.Blake Corey

445.Jace Castleberry

446.Mark McKinnon

447.Nick Fulbright

448.Georgia Kromrei

449.Louis Rhodes

450.Jessica Castro

451.Michele Kelly

452.Alice Gerhart

453.Clarissa Ubiedo

454.Betty Rodriguez

455.James McNiff

456.Evan Overstreet

457.Richard Steinberg

458.Ginger McGuire

459.Lauren Bergfield

460.Dave Gilson

461.Jad Davis

462.Jonah Shaukat

463.Clif Tipton

464.David Gonzalez

465.Anthony Gonzalez

466.Marilynn Milor

467.      Betty Rodriguez

  1. 468.     Emma Kloninger

  2. 469.     Stella Kloninger

  3. 470.     Sloan Stanton

  4. 471.     Bonnie Sims

  5. 472.     Becca Huck

  6. 473.     Eleanor Goff

  7. 474.     Mark Vittek

  8. 475.     Nancy Michaelwicz

  9. 476.     Gabriel Guzman

  10. 477.     Marko Vujosevic

  11. 478.     Alex Victoria Cohen

  12. 479.     LuLu Schafer

  13. 480.     Etta Schafer

  14. 481.     Darcy Goff

  15. 482.     Deven Nuckols

  16. 483.     Magnolia Lowrey

  17. 484.     Poppy Lowrey

  18. 485.     Rhea Moran

  19. 486.     Harper Luthy

  20. 487.     Victoria Vujosevic

  21. 488.     Thomas Bowman

  22. 489.     Katie Hemstreet

  23. 490.     Carl Ramsey

  24. 491.     Allen Duennenberg

  25. 492.     Anyone who buys my Dvd’s!

  26. 493.     You!